What is the Knuckle Challenge?

What is the Knuckle Challenge?

Originally, the Challenge Knuckle was created to demonstrate the real and often unsuspected ability of the smaller cylinder engines.

1000km in a day is a distance that few motorcyclists do and that is often done on freeways. We wanted to test the machines not only on the main roads, but all types of road and in several regions of Quebec in the same day.

Our Challenges take over 15 hours each time and we are very proud of the results. The Challenge was also a new way to test motorcycles to get a precise and real idea of ​​riding at home. We all like to watch test drives in exotic countries or on closed circuits, however, the buyer will not have the same day-to-day conditions.

Our Challenge answers common questions and gives a glimpse of what motorcyclists from here will experience when purchased. This is not a brochure reading or a branded infomercial, but a fair and honest appreciation of our essay.

Since the start of the Challenge, many have shown interest in the challenge, but not only towards the 500cc or less, but also for the other ranges of Motorcycles.

For 2020, we have decided to offer everyone the possibility of doing the Knuckle Challenge in 2 formats. Either the Original Challenge Knuckle (500cc and less) as well as the Challenge Knuckle Open.

We offer the possibility of doing the Challenge and several other Rides in a simple and pleasant way for all! Your health and safety are very important and that is why you get to choose the best time to do it.

Whether you are alone, in pairs or in a small group, take full advantage of your motorcycle season and don’t forget to invite your friends to discover us!